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Client Testimonials

Our clientele has a wide range of backgrounds and experiences when it comes to photography. Some have never taken a photography course or workshop before, some didn't have cell phones when their kids were growing up, some are android users and others are iPhone. Regardless of background and experience, I am here to help you improve your photography skills. See what others have to say about the workshops!

Mobile Photography Workshops

"I enjoyed learning about movement as more than movement of the person, but movement of the trees."

"The structure of this workshop was very well organized and thoughtfully planned. The visuals made learning easy and the examples illustrated unknown tricks of the trade. I loved how fast-paced the workshop was and how quickly I could apply what I learned! Enjoyed every minute with Shutter Momma."

"I felt inspired to want to try new things after every topic covered. Keep doing this "intro" course because it touches on so many topics- shape, light, engagement, and storytelling. I want to know more!"

"I am so impressed by all the know-how Heather is willing to share! I had no idea how much I didn't know before taking the class. After the class, I appreciated the photos I took rather than deleting them."

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